Ranch Life

Genuine Hope in Action

By Colleen Larsen

Sam and kidOne of Crystal Peaks’ four pillars is “Hope for the Family.” We’ve come to learn this looks different for every family who walks up our drive. Sometimes hope translates into words of encouragement, or the simple act of sharing time together. Hope can also become help with a financial burden. Often hope can be delivered by simply saying, “I’ve been where you are and I’m sorry for your pain. I’m here for you and want to pray with you.”

When “Hope for the Family” was established at the ranch, little could’ve prepared us for your heartfelt response. Your desire to help reach children and families has overwhelmed us with smiles and many tears of gratitude.

We’ve been so blessed with the extended kindness of those who’ve chosen to shoulder with this ranch. Within the flood of goodwill, the efforts of one man have captured my heart. His simple gesture of love continues to inspire me.

Last year, a gentleman who lives thousands of miles away sent a handwritten note, scripted with graceful penmanship. Within the lovely letter was a request to use the funds sent to help a small boy this week. With such urgency, our staff focused on finding the right child within this narrow time frame. Once the boy was located, the gift was quickly delivered to his single mother. Unbeknownst to us, this struggling family was in desperate need of vital items they could not afford. The gift from a complete stranger had come just in time.

This same benevolent man has Katie Jacobsen Photography -130207-1continued to send gifts with simple instructions to help boys purchase items such as new shoes and school supplies. His efforts to build up vulnerable confidence and let them know that someone cares, extends far beyond their tender hearts.

What’s transpired in this gentleman’s life, causing him to help in this unique way—we will never know—yet the hearts and lives of many families here in Central Oregon will be forever blessed by his far reaching kindness.

This man’s compassion continues to remind me that our gifts, when offered through prayer, are transformed by God into a profound abundance for those in need. Genuine hope is breathed by God . . . it’s tangible . . . it’s an action . . . it’s wielded through men like this . . . and through you and me.