Welcome Adventures in Odyssey Club Members!

Welcome Adventures in Odyssey Club Members!

In the latest exclusive Club adventure, “Angels in Horsehair,” Whit & Renee travel to a horse ranch that reaches out to hurting kids through rescued horses and the love of God. Don’t miss this heartwarming tale of renewed hope and healing based on actual events in the ministry of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Listen now in the Adventures in Odyssey Club at www.oaclub.org.

Founded in 1995, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a nonprofit ministry that exists to Rescue the Equine, Mentor the Child, provide Hope for the family and Empower the Ministry. Established on Hope, the Ranch is a place where hurting children, horses, and families can experience the healing embrace of God’s unconditional love. To read more about the heart behind the ministry click here.

Watch This Video:

You were taken to a similar ranch ministry in Adventure 45, now watch Crystal Peaks’ informational video and experience the loving and powerful heart behind the inspiration for AOC’s episode “Angels in Horsehair.”

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CPYR Gift Pack

Kids, ask your parents to consider purchasing our Crystal Peaks gift package created for the release of AOC’s “Angels in Horsehair” episode. This special gift package is available while supplies last.

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“I love coming to Crystal Peaks! There’s such a peaceful feeling here. It’s so beautiful and the mentors are super nice. You can feel God’s presence here.”
Natalie—age 16
“Every time I come here, I truly feel I can be myself . . . that really means a lot to me. I love being around the horses and the people here are so kind.”
Jaylynn—age 16
“I like to come to the Ranch because I am free to be me, and I am the king of water fights. I always get wet, but I get everyone wetter.”
Phillip—age 13
“Being at the Ranch, I never know what’s coming. But everything that does brings me closer to God.”
Ella—age 14
“Remnant is my friend. He is soft and gentle and has known me from the begin-ning. This is changing my life.”
William—age 7
“This is the biggest fun I’ve had in years!”
Anika—age 7
“I love Elska because she keeps trying even though she makes mistakes, that gives me hope.”
Dennis—age 13
“The Ranch is about helping the horses and people and pointing them to God.”
Daniyle—age 12
“The Ranch is the most loving place in the world!”
Riley—age 13
“To me, the ranch represents safety.”
Kenzie—age 14