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Katie Jacobsen

Katie Jacobsen

Public Relations Director
Session Instructor

Fresno, CA

I first heard about Crystal Peaks in 2008. I was in college and my mom sent me an article about the ranch. I was deeply touched by what I read, moved to tears, and I felt the Lord open something up in me that had been, a long time, buried deep in my heart. I realized that not only was Crystal Peaks a place that completely mirrored me, but it was a place that I wished I would have known when I was a little girl. I understood the significance of what Jesus might use this place to be for a lost and broken child or a hurting family. I could not quiet the longing to be a part of that kind of ministry. From there, the Lord drew me to Crystal Peaks, paved the way for me to come, and has provided a way for me to stay.

In the midst of my involvement in this ministry, my once troubled heart has come alive in a greater capacity than ever before. Out of my own brokenness the Lord has grown in me a greater desire to reach out to others who feel forgotten, invisible, worthless, alone and unloved. Through my own journey toward healing I have come to know the truth that no matter what has happened there is a God who heals and restores. He is the lifter of our heads, He arms us with strength and breaths His life into us. The more I come to know Jesus, the more I long to share Him with others.

There are many ranch aspects that I love. One of my favorite things about my job is being a session instructor because I am able to spend one-on-one time with kids and teens. I love watching the faces of these kids light up, their moments of honesty, and the instances in which I see the healing power of God’s love change a life. I love that horses are a huge part of this ministry and I am constantly amazed by the ways in which the Lord uniquely uses His creation to speak His truth. Another aspect of my job that I enjoy is photography. I love to capture expression and emotion on camera and to share what we do through this creative avenue.

The community I have been swept into is an incredible blessing as well. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside other Staff and volunteers who love the Lord. I am blessed by the opportunities that arise to pray for and encourage one other and to simply grow together.

What is your favorite coffee drink?

It is ever changing depending on my mood, which coffee shop I go to and the time of year. The one thing that doesn’t change is how much I enjoy a good cup of coffee.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love being outdoors and doing anything active—playing soccer, hiking, surfing, long boarding or camping, to name a few. Traveling is a favorite, be it a trip to the coast or an international adventure. I enjoy exploring used bookstores and spending time in coffee shops. Anything that involves creativity draws me in. My newest creative love is photography. I can spend hours happily immersed in taking photos and editing. All of these activities are amplified when they include my close friends.

What is an interesting fact about you?

In 2011 I spent 5 weeks traveling around the North and South Islands of New Zealand with two of my closest friends.

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