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Georgia Lovell

Georgia Lovell

Garden & Grounds Coordinator
Session Instructor

Vancouver, WA

I heard about Crystal Peaks in 2010 while working at a horse ranch serving young people in Vancouver, WA.  My husband and I were blessed to attend one of CPYR’s clinics in 2011, and we were so overwhelmed by God’s amazing work at Crystal Peaks we just knew we wanted to be a part of it right that very moment. Reality and God showed us that we had unfinished business at home and sadly we returned to our lives in Washington, but we knew our future path was changing. Well, Our God had amazing plans for us and the more we surrendered our lives the more He revealed about those plans for our future.

Long story short, we packed up in January of 2013 and moved to Central Oregon! There was some thought involved, but most of our decision involved complete trust in God to take us where He wanted us. Within a month of moving, we attended a Tuesday Ranch Fellowship and talked with the volunteer coordinator. In March my husband and I began volunteering at the ranch once a week. One of God’s gifts to me is the ability to garden, and I happily shared that gift at the ranch for several months early in the year. One lovely day in June, I was invited to be part of the staff in a new position that specializes in the care of the ranch gardens and greenhouses. I happily accepted the position.

I love being a part of the ranch because every time I come, God surprises me with a gift of someone’s thoughtfulness, shared wisdom and offered guidance, particularly through Bible verses and heartfelt prayer. I feel like pinching myself daily wondering if all this is for real. I’m so happy it is.

What do you love about Central Oregon?

I love the fact that the sun shines almost daily! The scenery around the high desert is pretty awesome too. I live on the Ranch property and I love seeing the mountains in the morning! The sun rising makes them look spectacular every single day.     

What do you like to do in your free time?

It may sound silly, but I love to garden in my free time! Some people like to shop for clothes, antiques, etc. I want to go where the plants are. I do like antiques too, but they must have a purpose in my garden before I will consider buying them!

What is one of the craziest or most fun things you have done on the Ranch or with the Ranch on a trip?

Well, in my short time here I was privileged to go on a white water rafting trip with the staff, which I had never done before. It was terrifying and a blast all in one.

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