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Brad Shultz

Brad Shultz

Program Director
Session Instructor

Harrisburg, MO

My wife and I first felt a call into ministry—working with youth specifically—in 2005.  At the time we served as youth leaders in our church while also volunteering for a horse program at Palomar Christian Conference Center.  It was during this period in our lives that Rachel discovered Kim’s books. In 2009, I sent her to the CPYR Information Clinic for her birthday.  She came home so excited to tell me all about the ranch and asked me to travel out to Oregon to see it for myself.  I can still remember the incredible feeling of peace as I walked up the driveway of Crystal Peaks on my initial visit.  I knew right away we were called to serve there.  

The road to working at the ranch was not direct, but rather, a path of winding steps—the placement of each directed by God. At the end of 2011, as an active-duty Marine, I had an opportunity to go to Afghanistan for a little over a year. Taking that opportunity required me to move from New Orleans to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  As Rachel and I prepared to leave for the East Coast, God delayed the sale of our house in New Orleans. That meant Rachel could not move at the same time I did.  Thus as I prepared to leave for Afghanistan, our housing issues left us with no roots in North Carolina. Then the unexpected happened—just before I deployed, Rachel was invited to apply to work at Crystal Peaks.  

The circumstances were better than we could’ve possibly set up for ourselves, so we knew it was God’s timing.  Instead of being alone during the deployment, Rachel would be surrounded by friends and our Ranch Family.  People opened their homes to her while she was moving and invited her to spend the holidays with them.  Everything worked out so well—much more than it would have if things had been done in our timing.  

Amazingly, the house in New Orleans sold within a week of Rachel accepting the job at Crystal Peaks. The Lord blessed us and she was able to move to Oregon without any ties remaining in Louisiana, while God kept me safe from harm throughout my tour in Afghanistan. Following my return, I resigned my commission in the Marine Corps to follow God’s new calling on my life.  I came out to CPYR as a volunteer during the summer of 2013 before being hired as staff in 2014.

My favorite part of the job is working with the kids.  It’s amazing to see all of the different opportunities the Holy Spirit provides to reach them.  Often, the most teachable moments come at times and in ways you would not have guessed, and if you don’t pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit you miss them entirely.

Who is your favorite horse at the ranch?

My favorite horse is Remnant because he is so steady and courageous. Plus, he tolerates all of my antics.

What is an interesting fact about you?

An interesting fact about me is I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica.

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