Who We Are

Meet Our Staff

  • Katie Jacobsen

    Katie Jacobsen

    Public Relations Director
    Session Instructor

    I first heard about Crystal Peaks in 2008. I was in college and my mom sent me an article about the ranch. I was deeply touched by what I read, moved to tears, and I felt the Lord open something up in me that had been, a long time, buried deep in my heart. I realized that not only was Crystal Peaks a place that completely mirrored me, but it was a place that I wished I would have known when I was a little girl.

  • Ellen McBride

    Ellen McBride

    Finance Director

    The thing I love most about the ranch is that it is for people of all ages. From the very young to the retirees, there is a place for each to participate and volunteer. I have seen God bring his children to a place where it is safe and where they can come and be loved by staff without judgment.

  • Brad Shultz

    Brad Shultz

    Program Director
    Session Instructor

    My wife and I first felt a call into ministry—working with youth specifically—in 2005. At the time we served as youth leaders in our church while also volunteering for a horse program at Palomar Christian Conference Center. It was during this period in our lives that Rachel discovered Kim’s books. In 2009, I sent her to the CPYR Information Clinic for her birthday.

  • Jeff Gorham

    Jeff Gorham

    Facilities Manager
    Session Instructor

    There are so many things that I love about what I get to do on the ranch. I love working with children, horses, dirt and the never-ending list of chores. I love "the ranch buzz", the sights and sounds of ranch life on a daily basis.

  • Jeff Woodford

    Jeff Woodford

    Equine Manager
    Session Instructor

    Working at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is the dream job for me that, before this year, I never knew even existed. The combination of playing with horses, hanging out with kids, working outside and serving in ministry makes the work I do here both fulfilling and enjoyable. I love that every day on the ranch presents a new and exciting way to serve my Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Rachel Shultz

    Rachel Shultz

    Similar Ministries Manager
    Session Instructor

    My husband Brad and I began our call to ministry together while living in Southern California. We both had the opportunity to volunteer with the horse program at Palomar Christian Conference Center (a Christian camp). It was during that time that I discovered Kim’s first two books, and God worked through them to reveal to us the difference that a ministry like CPYR can have in the individual lives of those we serve.

  • Kelsie Woodford

    Kelsie Woodford

    HR Coordinator

    A common question that we receive here on the ranch is, "What happens afterwards to the kids that come??" The answer ranges from children who just come for one visit to those that are able to be a part of the ranch over a longer period of time. We are able to follow a small percentage of these children throughout their lives. I am one of those few.

  • Rachel Hanson-McBride

    Rachel Hanson-McBride

    CRM Customizer

    Hey there, friends. It is a bit odd to introduce myself to all of you in this way. Since there are such a variety of reasons you may be reading these words, I am not sure that I can speak to every question in these short paragraphs. Still, I want to encourage you with a few thoughts from my life here at the ranch.

  • Julie Miller

    Julie Miller

    Administrative Assistant

    I was the little girl who didn’t own any Barbies growing up; I played with My Little Ponies instead. I was what one might have called “horse crazy,” spending any opportunity to be around these incredible creatures. My father tried to playfully discourage this interest in his young daughter saying, “They are too expensive and will take up all your time.” But it didn’t deter me.

  • Xandra Bruckner

    Xandra Bruckner

    Finance Assistant
    Session Instructor

    When I was seventeen years old, God placed a unique desire in my heart: the dream of starting a ranch that paired kids and horses together, using aspects of psychology as a tool to help them. I went to college to major in psychology, but I struggled with the seemingly impossible task of starting a ranch from the ground up. On my nineteenth birthday, the book Hope Rising was given to me. It came at a time when I was beginning to give up on my dream.