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Pony of America

Bay, Black and Roan Leopard Spots Gelding | DOB: 3/2004 | Arrival: 9/5/2006 | Height: 14 hands

Nearly everyone who sees him has the same response... "Oh my Goodness! What a LOUD, crazy-colored pony!" To which we add, "Yup, and he has a LOUD, crazy personality to match it too!"

We were delighted when friends of the ranch wished to assist us by providing a wonderful home for one of our new untrained mares. Instead of a "payment" for the mare, it was their hope that they could give us a little horse that was too small for their needs. Boy, were we in for a surprise! The first time that I saw Tomahawk, he was galloping through a pasture fully engaged in chasing a small group of cattle. He turned to look at me with a giant pony grin... that was full of cow hair!

Tomahawk has been such a comic addition to the ranch. He is truly the "class clown." Hardly a day goes by that he can't be seen running through the paddock chasing the other horses with a flat horse toy in his mouth!

Tomahawk continues to exhibit the same fun-loving nature under saddle as he does from the ground. If you have any doubt, just spend a moment looking into his eyes and you too will see the "wheels of mischief" turning. He has become the perfect fit for many like-hearted, fun loving kids.

Fun fact: Tomahawk LOVES to swim in mountain lakes.


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