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Grey Mare | DOB: 5/24/2005 | Arrival: 10/26/2010 | Height: 13:2 hands

“She is SO cute!” Nearly everyone who sees this sweet ranch addition is drawn to her. In honor of her heritage, we chose the Icelandic name of “Elska”, which means love. Everything about this dappled grey mare is unique. From her palm-sized feet to her miniature draft body, Elska is strength and power compressed into a trial-size package. However, one of her most beloved features is her thick grey mane. In pure Mohawk fashion, it sticks straight up and is nearly as wide as it is long. When she trots, her distinctive mane bounces playfully, often inspiring laughter from her young riders.

Elska is not a rescue. The ranch acquired her through our long time friendship with Sue, our farrier. This unique Icelandic horse caught Sue’s attention because the breed is known to be hearty, fearless and displaying great physical strength. Although small for Sue, she thought the mare would make a fine horse for many of the children who ride at Crystal Peaks.

To date, Elska has lived out the meaning of her name well. Because of her undeniable charm and non-threatening size, she has become a favorite among the children who are served by the ranch.

Fun fact: although Elska is the smallest horse on the ranch, her personality is one of the biggest, earning her a position as a leading mare within the herd.


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